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Stereolithography (SLA)
Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM)
Room Temperature Vulcanization (RTV)

R&D Prototype has been providing physical prototypes to its worldwide customer base since 1989. We are a multifaceted rapid prototype service bureau focused on creating the highest quality models with the most competitive pricing in the industry. We aid in product development and market research studies to speed up "Time to Market" for your projects.

You have a great idea but are asking the question, how to get that idea to market quickly and at a justifiable cost while providing some wow factor? R&D Prototype will assist you with what you need!

R&D Prototype will create a physical model with the highest quality, best price, and the quickest delivery time in the industry. The models we provide are used for fit and function testing and the marketing of your part or assembly. We provide 3D file creation if one is needed, or we can use your existing part file designs to create physical prototype models.

R&D Prototype provides 3D printing (FDM), Stereolithography (SLA), CNC machining of metals and plastics, and soft tooling silicone molds from which urethane parts are cast. These processes enable R&D Prototype to fill any need or material type request you may have. Our paint department can color match pantone transparent and opaque colors; whereas, our molded urethane parts can be molded in color.


R&D/Leverage offers a wide range of services to generate and evaluate product designs from initial product concept through final tool design. We create product designs and tool designs for your products.

Further, we will evaluate your designs and advise you on your material selection. Our project engineers have a vast knowledge and experience of product development and our 2D and 3D CAD design software provides photo realistic rendered images.


Our technical expertise includes the use of finite element analysis (FEA) and mold flow analysis. Our research team provides structural and thermal analysis to evaluate stress and temperature distribution parts, as well as your fill, pack, and cooling scenarios.


R&D/Leverage offers the next generation of product development and speed to market with non-contact 3D laser scanning.
3D scanning is virtually limitless on what can be scanned, regardless of part size, complexity, material or color. Parts to be scanned can be sent to us, or we can travel to your site. Part prints can be created from our engineering department. Starting with concept, to design, to manufacturing, to servicing, R&D/Leverage will support your scanning requirements.

Injection Molds literature Auggie Augspurg

Download 3D Part Scanning literature.
  • 3D scanning where you need to go
  • Auto mesh output
  • Real-time visualization
  • Effective, reliable way to acquire 3D measurements, instantly

Injection Molds literature Auggie Augspurg

Download 3D Part Scanning literature.
  • Measurement of existing parts
  • Reverse engineering of dies, molds, fixtures, jigs, and patterns
  • Prototype integration into CAD files
  • Finite Element Analysis
  • Deformation analysis
  • Virtual assembly
  • Tooling validation and inspection
  • First article of inspection
  • Part to CAD inspection

Injection Molds literature Auggie Augspurg

Download 3D Part Scanning literature.


Snapple Single-Serve Premium Teas
Snapple Straight Up Tea
Dr. Pepper Snapple Group – 7UP
CleanPath – Replenish Bottling
Infant Health and Nutrition
Procter & Gamble Tide® Pods™
Stack Wines
Tŷ Nant – Natural Mineral Water

Snapple single-serve premium teas and juice drinks are now available in a PET bottle designed in a collaborative effort between Dr Pepper Snapple Group (NYSE: DPS) and R&D/Leverage.

Changing the packaging of an iconic brand always comes with challenges and risks. But the results of a recent packaging update for Snapple have yielded considerable benefits for the brand and its devoted fans. R&D/Leverage has a long history of working with DPS, so when the product development team at DPS began working on a way to make its Snapple bottle plastic while retaining everything that consumers know and love about the brand, they teamed with R&D/Leverage to develop the perfect solution.

R&D/Leverage collaborated with DPSG on a comprehensive and iterative design process to support the creation of a new Snapple “Straight Up”. Key brand assets were maintained while introducing a contemporary design, with ergonomic and structural elements.

R&D/Leverage engineering expertise was utilized to include critical design features necessary for the liquid hot-fill process ensuring structural integrity. The result was successfully launched with on-time delivery.

The “idea-to-mold” collaboration between R&D/Leverage and Dr Pepper Snapple Group (NYSE:DPS), has resulted in a powerful design for its 20 ounce “Legacy” bottle. The result is a brand building and efficiently manufactured package that enhanced both visual and tactile design elements critical to the retail success of the 20 ounce package.

This was a 28 week process that included comprehensive qualitative and quantitative consumer validation. R&D/Leverage developed specific ‘tactile tactics’ research tools to get at consumer likes and dislikes regarding how the product felt. This approach enables customers to introduce brand building packaging solutions validated through a deeper understanding of consumer behavior and extends to retail audits, prototypes, unit tool development, and full production molds.

Innovation driven Replenish Bottling, creators of a bold new format for plastic spray bottles and containers, turned to R&D/Leverage for its injection mold building expertise when it was time to scale up from initial pilot molds.

The Replenish team required injection molds designed for high speed automation to produce six different parts used in an integrated, leak-proof bottle interior reservoir design that would appeal to makers of a wide range of packaged goods. It features an internal mixing cup that easily allows consumers to add the right amount of concentrate into the bottle, which is then quickly mixed with household tap water.

R&D/Leverage was asked to explore product concepts and conduct Design-For-Manufacture assessments. These assessments led to successful product and structural brand development programs, which used multiple manufacturing methods in order to bring the design intent to life. Using material science as a fundamental driver for product development, R&D/Leverage collaborated with our client’s key supply partners for a successful launch of this new innovative package.

To create Tide® Pods™, Tide turned to its consumers and learned that many are disengaged with the laundry process. A multitude of conditions, inconsistent results, bulky jugs and messy spills have contributed to a sense of dissatisfaction in the category. The development of Tide® Pods™ took eight years, with 75 technical resources dedicated to the project over time, 6,000 consumers involved in research, and over 450 packaging and product sketches.

R&D/Leverage was one of the design partners that helped in the launch of this breakthrough category innovation. R&D/Leverage continues its engagement beyond product development by fully supporting mold and tooling needs for the production supply partners.

The technical and beverage specific expertise of R&D/Leverage helped a visionary entrepreneur successfully launch his “now-why-didn’t-I-think-of-that!” product in only a few short months, shatter the limitations of popular wine packaging, and position the company for national distribution.

The R&D/Leverage project engineering team tweaked initial product sketches and delivered a manufacturable design with the snap together feature that was a key to enhanced consumer and trade functionality. The design was completed and approved in just three weeks. It was a challenge, and R&D/Leverage got it done, and quickly.

Internationally renowned Welsh born designer Ross Lovegrove was commissioned by Tŷ Nant to create the wildly innovative new structure. Critical technical input to ensure manufacturability was provided by R&D/Leverage project engineers. Superior mold manufacturing brought to life to this visually stunning and seductively tactile structure! Determination and a passion for innovation created a radical work of art truly evolving the traditional mold and rewriting the rules of bottle design.