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Internal Thread and Drain-Back Pour Spout
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R&D/Leverage is a world leader in Single-Stage ISBM tooling. We offer a complete solution for all ISBM converters, large or small, with worldwide sales coverage, product evaluation, product and tool design, prototype models, pilot and production tooling, and technical service assistance. We supply tools for a range of one stage injection stretch blow machines.

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The Genesis system includes a patented nozzle design and adjustable flow technology for balance. It can be supplied for many of the major one stage platforms.

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Aurora System technology provides heating solutions in injection stretch blow moulds. The Aurora System is designed to heat a specific area or areas of a PET preform in the location needed to produce well-formed bottles and aids in light weighting. The Aurora System mainly heats plastic that is in the transitional neck area of a preform that forms the neck and upper shoulder region of a blown bottle. It is also available in multiple zones and is shown with an optional elevator for certain machine platforms.

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R&D/Leverage has developed a Blow Seal feature for Blow Cores when making wide mouth containers in the Injection Stretch Blow Mould process.
  • For neck finishes 40 mm diameter and above
  • Eliminates air loss for cost reduction
  • Significantly reduces noise levels
  • Helps maintain neck stability
  • Improves process of blown bottles

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R&D/Leverage offers a top sealing type of blow core seal developed for non-typical containers. It is used when sealing the interior of the bottle is difficult, or in a medical bottle where nothing can enter the inside of the bottle to contaminate it. The top seal will work with finishes having thin cross sections and tapered inside diameters.

This top seal opens up the possibilities of new preform designs and concepts.

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R&D/Leverage has developed the ability to mould one piece necks with an internal thread and drain-back pour spout. One piece moulding eliminates the necessity for post mould assembly operations. Using the injection stretch blow mould (ISBM) process, the range of the internal thread can be from approximately 20 to 77 mm with internal threads, and a 24 mm minimum with an integral pour spout.

Patent Number 9,902,103 and additional patents pending.

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More Internal Thread and Drain-Back Pour Spout information.


R&D/Leverage premium preform moulds are built for maximum efficiencies, productivity, quality, mould life and Return on Investment (ROI). Available in various sizes and shapes (1 to 96 cavities) and built to fit most leading PET injection presses, they are manufactured with high quality materials and a validated design for extended mould life. Our moulds are built to SPI Class 101 standards.

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  • Our strict engineering, combined with high quality materials, provide a solid foundation for our high performance preform moulds.
  • Preform mould bases built with RoyAlloy SS, providing consistency in machining, improved thermal conductivity, and corrosion resistance.
  • Preform mould bases configured for various pitch requirements.

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  • For each preform project, our engineering department evaluates the injection machine to ensure mould fitment.
  • Threadslides manufactured with P20 steel or RoyAlloy SS are water-cooled to improve quality and production consistency.
  • Threadslide wear rails/plates built with AMPCO 18 aluminum bronze.
  • Water manifolds (when required) built with RoyAlloy SS similar to mould plates.
  • Roller cam eject system built with RoyAlloy SS.
  • Optional: Adjustable cam system for integrated moulds requiring multi-changeovers.

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  • Components are manufactured utilizing the newest and most sophisticated technology available to produce the highest quality parts possible in today’s environment.
  • Each stack is precisely built to tight tolerances ensuring accuracy and interchangeability of components.
  • Cavities come in multi-configurations from a single cavity to a three component cavity  (420 SS or H13 alloy).
  • Cores built to maximize the geometry of the preform ensuring improved quality and cycle efficiencies (420 SS or H13 alloy).
  • Threadsplits built with 420 SS or S7 alloy heat treated to 48-52 RC.

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  • R&D/Leverage’s Thermal Gated hot runners do not have any moving and cycling components to wear out or leak. With no moving components in the system, maintenance becomes very easy and is less expensive to rebuild when compared to valve gated systems. Nozzles are sealed diametrically into the cavities and bolted directly to the manifold, making the connection without any chance of leakage. Nozzles are allowed to move with thermal expansion without any chance of misalignment.
  • R&D/Leverage Valve Gated preform hot runner systems combined with our high performance preform moulds makes the ideal package for any company requiring small to intermediate size PET preform production. Although we believe our systems complement each other making a perfect package of R&D/Leverage mould and hot runner, we will continue to offer them individually matching our moulds or hot runners to your existing needs.
  • R&D/Leverage preform moulds are available from 1 to 96 cavities and our preform hot runners are available from 1 to 48 cavities.

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96 Cavity Premium Preform Mould
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R&D/Leverage is a leading manufacturer of Injection Blow Mould (IBM) tooling for all commercial moulding machine platforms. R&D/Leverage offers our Liberty IBM System for your Injection Blow Moulding needs.

The Liberty IBM System is a paradigm shift in IBM tool design. R&D/Leverage has cured the main frustrations that cost converters time, money, cause quality problems, and pose a safety risk.

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Unlike traditional IBM tool design technologies that use key stock and all-thread to locate and clamp the mould inserts onto the die set, our Liberty IBM System uses dowels to locate the mould inserts to the die set. This allows gaps to be designed between the mould inserts. This gap negates the effects of accumulated horizontal thermal expansion across the injection mould inserts. The Liberty IBM System also incorporates our newly developed patent pending Alignment System which ensures optimal cavity alignment. These new technologies are designed to allow fast and trouble free start-ups, improved bottle quality, and minimize tooling wear.

View features of the Liberty IBM System video.

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R&D/Leverage offers the Genesis Hot Runner System as part of our continual effort to provide value added technology to the industry. This system was originally developed to provide superior performance on Injection Stretch Blow Moulding platforms. It has proved to be even more beneficial on the IBM platform. LDPE, HDPE, PP, PC, Acrylic, K-Resin, Tritan, and PET resins can be used in this manifold.

If easier and quicker tool start-ups, reduced technical support, reduced tool maintenance, and reducing part replacement costs are part of your lean initiatives, this hot runner system was developed for you.

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R&D/Leverage has a wealth of experience in the design and manufacturing of two-stage blow moulds. Our standardized designs allow us to be competitive in both price and delivery. Our expertise enables us to evaluate the preform design specific to each bottle concept to ensure that optimum stretch ratios are achieved. From this information we can also determine bottle wall thickness and shrinkage rates. We supply blow mould tooling for a wide range of two-stage machines.
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