Product Solutions Laboratory-North America

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North America


Toyo Si-110 III
Unit Tool Development
Stack Wines Unit Tool Development
Arburg 84 ton
Sidel SBO-1
7Up Unit Tool Development

R&D/Leverage is the world's leader in single stage PET tooling. We offer a complete solution for all PET converters, large and small, with worldwide sales coverage, product evaluation, product and tool design, prototype models, pilot and production tooling, and technical service assistance. We supply unit tools and production molds for the full range of single stage processes.

  • Preform Unit Cavity Development Capabilities - Arburg 84 ton
  • Blow Mold Unit Cavity Development Capabilities - Sidel SBO-1
  • Custom Injection Unit Cavity Development Capabilities - Toyo Si-110 III


  • Engel 300 ton 2 shot
  • JSW 385 ton
  • Toyo Si-500-6
  • Toyo Si-110 III
  • Husky G300 Injection Molding Machine
  • Husky LX300 Injection Molding Machine
  • Nissei 70 DPH Version 4
  • Nissei 250 HT
  • Nissei 250 EXHS
  • Aoki AL-250LL-50S
  • Aoki 250 LS
  • Uniloy 70 ton
  • R&B 1835
Uniloy 70 ton
Engel 300 ton 2 shot
JSW 385 ton
Toyo Si-500-6
Nissei 70 DPH Version 4
R&B 1835


R&D/Leverage offers a customer training program on-site, or at our facility, for enhanced bottom lines. Our in-plant training is designed to improve operator awareness, knowledge and response, quality, machine efficiency, and tool life. Yet another way we help you achieve return-on-investment.